Special Topics in Molecular Biology and Genetics (8ΕΒ09)
Instructor : Braliou Georgia
Course typeElective
Teaching hours3
Laboratory hours
Transcription in prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms (operons, transcription factors, epigenetics, miRNA). Protein localization (import export, ubiquitination, protein degradation). Methods for studying proteins (electrophoresis, Western blot, immunochemical determination of proteins). Cloning vectors (plasmids, YACs viruses, BACs, restriction endonucleases, ligases, kinases phosphatases, mutagenesis). Expression of proteins in prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells (transformation, selection markers, cell lines, transfection, RNA interference). Methods of isolation and study of nucleic acids (electrophoresis, membrane transfer, Northern and Soutrhern hybridization). The PCR method (primers, touchdown PCR, nested PCR, inverse PCR, reverse transcription PCR, differential PCR, real time PCR, in vivo foot printing). Finding the DNA sequence (Maxam-Gilbert method, Sanger method, Pyrosequencing, Next Generation Sequencing). Microarrays (DNA Microarrays). Forensics (Biological sources of evidence, isolation, quantification and use of genetic material, SNP and STR markers, identification, analysis and use of polymorphisms, paternity studies, mitochondrial DNA, Y chromosome, gender identification, analysis and presentation of genetic evidence to the general public). Cancer (cell cycle deregulation, oncogenes, tumor suppressor genes, hypoxia - angiogenesis, metastasis, oxidative stress and carcinogenesis, molecular diagnosis - DNA Microarrays). Translational medicine - Personalized Medicine (Profile of gene expression in multifactorial / neurodegenerative diseases, biological markers, prognosis, diagnosis, individualized treatment)