Introduction to Biomedical Technology (2ΚΒ06)
Instructor : Konstantinos Delimpasis
Assistant : Vennou Paraskevi
Course typeCompulsory
TermSpring Semester
Teaching hours3
Laboratory hours1
Introduction to medical Informatics: Electronic Med ical Record (definition and applications), Hospital Information Systems (main subsystems – structure and function- architecture for implementation, legal and ethical matters). Encodin g of medical image information and nomenclature (ICD, SNOMED) amd examples, introducti on to HL7 and XML protocol and examples. Introduction to signals, definitions and properties , sampling and analog reconstruction, elementary processing techniques – convolution and correlation. Application to biosignals with reference to ECG acquisition. Intro duction to image processing: basic concepts and definitions (pixelation, pixel size, colormaps etc), logical and arithmetic operations to images, contrast enhancement techniques, neighborho od operartors (convolution and introduction to non linear operators). Introduction to image segmentation. Applications to medical images. Introduction to medical image formation and main imaging systems: Elements of X-ray interaction with matter and biological material, introduction to the concepts of object contrast, photon noise, patient dose and spatial resolution and their interconnection for X-ray imaging. Radiographic image formation, Introduction to CT imaging system, parallel projection acquisition and image reconstruction.
Course objectives
  • Acquisition of basic knowledge of mathematics, physics and computer science, applied to medicine.
  • Comprehension of the main physical concepts and the relevant mathematic background.
  • Acquiring basic programming skills in Matlab for simple algorithms related to Biomedicine.
  • Analysis of Biomedical issues and applications into their underlying physical principles.
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  • Σήματα και Συστήματα, Γ Καραγιάννης
  • Ψηφιακή επεξεργασία σήματος, εκδ. Schaum
Assessment method
Written examinations at the end of the semester Grades of submitted laboratory exercises Laboratory examination