Databases (5ΚΠ01)
Instructor : Thanasis Loukopoulos
Course typeCompulsory
TermFall Semester
Teaching hours3
Laboratory hours1
Introduction to Database Management Systems (DBMS). Architecture of a DBMS. Data modeling data with the Entity-Relationship Model. Relational Model. Relational Algebra and Relational Calculus. SQL Language. Design of a Database. Physical organization of a DBMS. Storage media. File organizations and indexes. Tree indexes and files (B-trees, B+trees). Random static and dynamic files (hashing). Processing and optimization of queries. Transaction processing and concurrency techniques. Recovery techniques. Techniques of security and authorization.
Course objectives

After the successful course attendance a student will:

  • Be able to design the ER diagram matching specifications and transform it into tables.
  • Be able to form queries in relational algebra.
  • Be able to create a schema, create and manage tables, insert/update/delete rows, write SQL queries matching the basic operations in relational algebra.
  • Be able to write aggregation queries and use subqueries.
  • Be able to create views, write stored procedures and triggers in MySQL.
  • Be able to normalize a DB schema.
  • Acquire basic background regarding transactions and concurrency control protocols.
  • Be able to write transactions in MySQL.
  • Acquire basic background regarding table storage, primary indexing, multilevel indexing, B and B+ trees, hashing.
  • Be able to create indices in MySQL.
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