Biology II (3ΚΒ05)
Instructor : Pantelis Bagos
Course typeCompulsory
TermFall Semester
Teaching hours3
Laboratory hours
Energy Generation in Mitochondria and Chloroplasts-Mitochondria and Oxidative Phosphorylation-Electron Transport Chains and Proton Pumping-Chloroplasts and Photosynthesis-The Origins of Chloroplasts and Mitochondria. Intracellular Compartments and Transport-Membrane enclosed Organelles-Protein Sorting-Vesicular Transport- Secretory Pathways-Endocytic Pathways. Cell Communication-Cell Signaling-G protein linked Receptors-Enzyme linked Receptors. Cytoskeleton-Intermediate Filaments- Microtubules-Actin Filaments-Muscle Contraction. Cell Cycle Control and Cell Death-The Cell Cycle Control System-Programmed Cell Death-Extracellular Control of Cell Numbers and Cell Size. Cell Division-An Overview of M Phase-Mitosis-Cytokinesis. Genetics, Meiosis, and the Molecular Basis of Heredity-Mendel and the Laws of Inheritance. Extracellular Matrix and Connective Tissues-Epithelial Sheets and Cell Cell Junctions- Tissue Maintenance and Renewal-Cancer.
Course objectives

After completing the course, students are expected to:

  • Be able to recognize and understand more complex biological phenomena, such as targeting, signalling and regulation
  • Be able to solve simple mendelian genetics problems
Assessment method
Written examinations
Course material