Algorithms and Complexity (6ΕΠ05)
Instructor : Evripides Markou
Assistant : Giachoudis Nikolaos
Course typeElective
TermSpring Semester
Teaching hours3
Laboratory hours
Introduction to Algorithms and Complexity. Design and Analysis Techniques: Greedy, Divide and Conquer, Dynamic Programming. Graph Algorithms: Depth First Search, Breadth First Search, Minimum Spanning Tree, Shortest Paths. Sorting Algorithms. Matrix Multiplication. Polynomial Complexity and NP-hard problems. Decision problems. Combinatorial Optimization. Complexity Classes P and NP. NP-complete problems and Polynomial Reductions. The Knapsack problem. The Traveling Salesman problem. Approximation Algorithms. Parallel and Distributed Algorithms.
Course objectives
  • Analysis of algorithms (proof of correctness and complexity)
  • Methods for designing algorithms
  • Computationally ‘hard’ problems
  • Parallel and Distributed algorithms
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Assessment method
One group of exercises (homework) every 3 weeks, mid-term written examination, final written examination.
Course material